Whole Body Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a process that exposes the body to a variety of low air temperatures for short amounts of time that vary depending on the objective of the light therapy session. Light therapy has many known benefits that are documented by experienced dermatologists some of which we’ll be discussing here below. There are no known negative side effects and this seems to continue to be backed by the increases in popularity with no sign of slowing down.

Whole Body Cryotherapy Benefits

Full Body Cryotherapy is one of our most popular and top selling form of therapy. If you haven’t seen or read about Whole body cryotherapy you can read about it more here. You’ll likely be amazed at the functions and benefits using whole body cryotherapy. Hope to see you soon! Whole-body cryotherapy significantly reduces pain in people with arthritis and other medical issues. It also known to help with achieving a faster recovery from workouts or other types of high intensity training.

History of Cryotherapy

The Egyptians used cold to treat injuries and inflammation as early as 2500 BCE. Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) in its current form was first administered in 1978 by a Japanese rheumatologist by the name of Dr. Yamaguchi. He used freezing treatments of short duration on his patients’ skin surface for pain management of rheumatoid arthritis.   He concluded that rapid short-term freezing of the skin’s surface led to immediate release of endorphins and is more effective than gradual cooling in an ice bath.  His research led to the exposure of the entire body to these extreme temperatures with the development of cryogenic chambers. Further research in Europe and in Soviet Russia revealed the benefit of Whole Body Cryotherapy on patients suffering from chronic inflammatory conditions and on elite athlete’s training programs.

Research has shown WBC may improve the following: athletic recovery, rehabilitation, chronic pain, recovery from injury, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, MS, sleep disorders, depressive and anxiety disorders.

*The FDA does not evaluate research or experiences in this field.

What is Cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) is a research-proven cold therapy that activates your body’s natural pain and inflammation fighters.  Chill in a cold air sauna for 3 minutes, and your body activates its restorative process.  The end result is relief from pain and inflammation, accelerated muscle recovery, boosted energy levels, increased metabolic rate and enhanced complexion.

“Research conducted over the last two decades, primarily in Europe, has established therapeutic efficacy of WBC in a wide range of clinical areas. The largest focuses of research have been in pain management, sports injuries and athletic performance.  It has been shown to effectively reduce pain and swelling and improve physical performance. Due to the numerous adaptive physiological responses, WBC has also been studied as an adjunct treatment for: atopic dermatitis, cardiovascular health, depression and Multiple Sclerosis.” (Clinical Relevance of Whole-Body Cryotherapy, Alan G. Christianson, NMD)

Our customers report that the experience is invigorating and improves a variety of conditions such as psychological stress, insomnia, rheumatism, muscle and joint pain, and various skin conditions.

Our trained staff will meet with you to discuss your goals in order to ensure that you are completely comfortable and answer any questions that you may have. The Cryotherapy treatment will be explained to you before beginning your session.

Athletic Recovery

This research-proven therapy is used for athletic recovery, pain management, health and wellness, injury rehabilitation and skin beauty.  Come try what elite athletes in the NBA, NFL, MLB, UFC, U.S. Track and Field and others have been using to elevate their performance!

  • Reduces inflammation, swelling, pain and muscle soreness
  • Enriches blood with oxygen, nutrients and enzymes
  • Accelerates recovery from athletic training and competition
  • Enables the body to handle more intense and higher volume training
  • Boosts energy & improves muscle unit activation (allows for immediate post-therapy training)


Pain Management

For those who suffer from chronic pain, whole body cryotherapy is the ideal treatment because it offers a holistic and non-invasive approach. Cryotherapy has been recognized to provide exceptional healing to the body’s nervous system, internal organs, and soft tissues. Experience expedited relief by incorporating extreme cold therapy into your overall wellness plan.

  • Rheumatologist-developed to relieve pain from arthritis and inflammatory disorders
  • Provides relief from musculoskeletal pain and inflammation
  • Reduces pain sensitivity by increasing nor-epinephrine levels
  • Improves post-surgery recovery
  • Accelerates recovery from jet lag, travel discomfort and fatigue

Health & Wellness

Oxygenated and nutrient rich blood circulates through your body when you undergo a session of cryotherapy. Your body also releases “feel good” endorphins during and after the process, which are known to reduce feelings of stress, improve sleep, and aid in the treatment of depression. The increase of oxygen and nutrients in your blood after a session of cryotherapy also improves the general condition of your skin. The below-freezing temperatures trigger natural collagen production, leaving skin smooth and tight. Not to mention that a single session of cryotherapy can burn between 500-800 calories!

  • Activates natural elimination of toxins and replenishment of oxygen, nutrients and enzymes
  • Increases metabolic rate and caloric burn
  • Provides comfort and relief from some skin conditions
  • Enhances complexion and skin elasticity through collagen production
  • Improves sleep quality

Local Cryotherapy

Local cryotherapy usually a local area treatment only needs to last for about 5-8 minutes. it’s commonly used to reduce pain, inflammation, and swelling in targeted areas. Clients will often use this solution alongside Whole Body Cryotherapy to treat areas of inflammation, pain, or swelling.

Benefits that come from using local cryotherapy can be compounded with the use of whole body prior to local cryotherapy. One of the common reasons people come to get cryotherapy treatments done is for a faster recovery time between workouts or other high intensity training of any sort. The other reasons usually fall underneath or alongside reducing pain in areas and improving joint functionality where the treatment is done. So overall, here are the benefits you’ll see from using local cryotherapy.

·         Reduced Pain and Swelling
·         More efficient than other cooling methods
·         Pain Management
·         Numbing pinched or irritated nerves
·         Rapid Recovery times after injuries or medical procedures
·         Maximized joint functionality


Cryo Facial Services

Cryo Facial services is a very healthy way to help your face exfoliate and stay looking natural and healthy. Facial cryo services are used by many types of people for different situations. We see many people come in to see us for cryo facial services to prevent skin from aging and to minimize oil build up which is also attributed to reducing acne.

Cryo Facial Benefits

Cryo facial services have benefits that are being found consistently to lead to healthier and better-looking skin along with killing and preventing cancer. The most common reasons we get appointments for this service is for reducing acne and build up in pores and minimizing the aging of skin. Find a package that best fits your needs and schedule an appointment today!

Reduces Aging & Tightens Pores

When you undergo cryotherapy facial, the intense cold air makes your blood vessels contract and then expand. This leads to increased blood flow to your skin and makes it look healthy and radiant while also tightening up pores.

Reduces Acne

A study done shows that exposing the sebaceous glands to temperatures -8° Celsius significantly minimized the number of sebocytes (sebum-producing cells), which helps prevent excessive oil and build up in facial pores. This ends up causing a decrease in acne.

Improves Blood Circulation

The seriously low temperatures used during whole-body cryotherapy causes physiological hormonal responses. This includes the release of adrenaline, noradrenaline, and endorphins. This can have a positive effect on those experiencing mood disorders like anxiety and depression. One study found that whole-body cryotherapy was actually effective in short-term treatment for both.